Trade-union counselling

Problems at work or with the job centre? You haven’t received the wages owed to you, or always have to do overtime? Being harassed by your boss, or your work hours are constantly changing? You don’t have to take it! We can consider the possible courses of action together. What are your requirements and how can you achieve them? Can you cooperate with others? Could the grass-roots trade union FAU be something for you?

Counselling is offered on a voluntary basis and is absolutely free of charge. No legal advice is offered! We’ll try to understand your situation and discuss any further action. What we don’t know we can deal with together, or arrange for professional advice. In the end, you alone decide which steps to follow or not.

So write a mail to We would prefer you to inform us briefly about your issue, and if you send a telephone number, we’ll gladly call you. You don’t have to deal with your problem alone.