Trade-union counselling

Every 4th Friday from 18:30.
Infoladen Subtilus / Norderstrasse 41 / Flensburg

Trouble at work?
You haven’t received the wages due to you? You have to constantly do overtime?
Your boss bullies you? Your work schedule is continuously changing?
You don’t have to take it!
We’ll talk with you about the options for trade-union action.
What are your entitlements? How can you assert them?
Do you know anyone else in a similar position?
We’ll clarify your situation together and see how you can proceed.
What we don’t know, we’ll work out together.
In the end, you alone will decide what steps you would like to take.

Just send us an e-mail:
Or call us at:
0157 32050110
Explain what the issue is and if you leave
a telephone number, we’ll call you back.
You’re not alone with your problem!
We are on your side.